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Teaching About Invasive Species


Do you want to teach your students about Invasive Species?

The Invasive Species Centre (ISC) is unique in that it is the only organization in Ontario that focuses solely on invasive species.

Would you like to have one place to look for resources that provide lesson plans relating to this topic?

The Invasive Species Centre has amalgamated a list of resources including unit and lesson plans in one place for educators.

Do you want lesson plans that are linked to the Ontario Educational Curriculum Standards?

The Invasive Species Centre has a list of lesson plans with links to the Ontario curriculum expectations and some with links to the Pan-Canadian Protocol for Collaboration on School Curricular expectations.

Do you want to include outdoor or experiential learning opportunities about invasive species for your students to help reinforce the in-class subject matter?

The lesson plans included in the list of resources are identified by grade level and whether they contain experiential learning, games, evaluations and online activities to make planning easier and more specific to your individual needs.

Do you know where your students can get a post-secondary education in Ontario if they want a career involving invasive species?

The ISC has gathered a list of Ontario educational institutions which have programs geared towards environmental issues and science and the possible career choices that students would expect to obtain on graduating.

What if your students want to learn more than you have time to teach in the classroom?

Many of the lesson plans contain links to additional resources and learning opportunities including community linked outreach events.

Did we miss you? Do you have resources that you would like to share on the Invasive Species Centre Education page?

The Invasive Species Centre welcomes your submission of successful lesson plans that you have developed regarding invasive species instruction and/or experiential learning activities to be considered for inclusion with our resource list. Also, if your organization has lesson plans which you feel should be included in this list please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the possibility of adding them.

Note: Lesson plans are provided by external sources and have not been peer reviewed by the ISC. The ISC does not take responsibility for the accuracy or stated outcomes of these lesson plans and notes that they may not be inclusive of all that are currently available.

Activity Title

Grade Level

Meets Specific Curricular Outcomes

Lesson Plan

In class Activity

Out of Class Activity


Online Activity

Assessment Tools


 Aquatic Invaders!
 K to 12  No No Yes Yes Yes No No  Contains a range of activities to help youth learn about invasive species and their impacts, and ways we all can help prevent their spread. Primarily focused on aquatic invasive species but can be adapted for any invasive species classification.
Unwelcome Guests 7 No Yes Yes No No Yes No Lesson focuses on exotic and invasive species and their presence in Canada. Activity involves developing a Futures Wheel which can be used to explore the impacts of introducing an invasive species.
Invasive Species 6 to 12 No No Yes No No No No 2 videos, pdf & powerpoint about invasive species in Great lakes.
Carpageddon 4 to 8 No No Yes No No No Yes 1 TV episode about Asian Carp along with a question and answer sheet about facts in the episode. Can download teacher's guide and other resources
The Arrival of Invasive Species to the Great Lakes 6 to 8 Yes Yes Yes No No No No One lesson plan about arrival of aquatic invasive species to the Great Lakes
Alien Invaders 6 to 7 Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No One lesson over 2 classes that introduces students to the concept of invasive species using independent research, key word sheet, internet links
Wanted! Invasive Plants 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No 1 lesson plan for a field trip and associated classroom activity about invasive plants & poster construction
Invaders in Our Waters K to 12 Yes No No No No No No Videos focusing on pathways of concern
Invasive Species Investigation-Biodiversity 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 4 part lesson plan with experiential learning activities where students are introduced to the concept of alien and invasive species and research what is being done to control them.
Invaders - Ladybug Field Study 4 Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No Students photograph and ID ladybug species and share online with Cornell U scientists with citizen science study. Discuss native and invasive species.
 The Invaders  7-10  Yes  Yes  Yes  No No  Yes  No  4 mini lessons about invasive species with report writing, asking questions, answer questions about a video