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Learn About Invasive Species

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Hiking the trails with your dog

The beauty of a hike does not need to be enjoyed alone; your dog can be a great companion as you adventure through your favourite park. Do it well by planning before stepping foot, or paw, on the trail.



Responsible Anglers are Nature's Superhero

Fishing can be enjoyed in every season, and this means that we can keep the health of our lakes and waterways top-of-mind year-round.



Be an invasive species fighter! Clean, drain, dry your boat

Ontario is home to wonderful lakes, rivers, and streams. Unfortunately, some of these waterways are home to aquatic invasive species such as zebra and quagga mussels.



EDDMapS: Report your invasive species sightings!

Outdoor adventures: we need your help. Invasive species are infiltrating out parks and protecting areas. But if we don't know where they are, it's tough to stop their spread. Become an Invasive Species Fighter by reporting any suspected sighting of invasive species!



Invasive Species Fighters: keep our lakes great

Our Great Lakes are Great with a capital "G" and we want to keep them that way. Ontario Parks offer pristine outdoor experiences with nearly two dozen provincial parks situated on the Great Lakes.