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Emerald Ash Borer in Nova Scotia 

It’s official – Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has been detected in DeWolf Park, Bedford, Nova Scotia. EAB is native to parts of Asia and is thought to have arrived in North America via international transportation of wooden packaging materials or shipping crates. Since its arrival, EAB has been rapidly spreading across North America, having devastating effects on the ash tree populations and killing up to 99% of ash trees in its path. Since its confirmed presence in Canada in 2002, EAB has been found in 35 states and five provinces (Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, New Brunswick and recently, Nova Scotia). The continual expansion of this pests’ range is concerning as it has already killed millions of ash trees across regulated areas in North America.


What now? Effective immediately, movement of all ash materials, including woodchips, logs, firewood and branches is restricted, as is movement of firewood of all species from an affected area. Property owners of affected area in Bedford have been notified of these changes. It is suspected that approximately 80% of the park trees are ash species, with an expected life span of a decade for most. The municipal government hopes to save and prolong the life of these trees by implementing an inoculation program along with a tree-planting program. These programs are currently under discussion and are expected to be announced next week. 


How you can participate – do not move firewood as it could be hosting EAB larvae, eggs or beetles. Instead, “buy it where you burn it!” A general rule of thumb is: <10 miles is often reasonable for firewood movement, >10 miles of firewood movement is frowned upon (and sometimes, a violation). Always check the CFIA Firewood Website as several locations across Canada have firewood restrictions – but the easiest way to know you’re in the right is by not transporting firewood species in the first place.



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