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Who We Are

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The Invasive Species Centre prevents the spread of invasive species in Canada by connecting stakeholders with knowledge and technology.

Incorporated as a non-for-profit in 2011, the Invasive Species Centre is a hub for collaboration and knowledge sharing between stakeholders and has grown into a respected partner and leader in invasive species science, education, and action in Canada, and beyond.


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Our Vision

  • The Invasive Species Centre’s vision is a Canada where land and water are protected from invasive species.

Our Mission

  • The Invasive Species Centre connects stakeholders, knowledge and technology to prevent and reduce the spread of invasive species that harm Canada’s environment, economy and society.

Our Values

  • Sustainability - helping natural resources last for future generations.
  • Collaboration - drawing on all stakeholders to achieve success.
  • Credibility - using a consistent, evidence-based approach.
  • Professionalism - maintaining dedication to excellence in management and delivery.
  • Efficiency - breaking down organizational silos and reducing overlap.