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Who We Are

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The Invasive Species Centre is a Canadian non-profit organization that builds partnerships and supports collaborative projects in natural and applied science, policy research, outreach and education to protect Canada’s forests, fields, gardens, waterways and cities from the damaging effects of invasive species. Founded in Ontario, the Invasive Species Centre has a global reach to address invasive species issues across Canada.


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Our Vision

  • The Invasive Species Centre’s vision is a Canada where land and water are protected from invasive species.

Our Mission

  • The Invasive Species Centre connects stakeholders, knowledge and technology to prevent and reduce the spread of invasive species that harm Canada’s environment, economy and society.

Our Values

  • Sustainability - helping natural resources last for future generations.
  • Collaboration - drawing on all stakeholders to achieve success.
  • Credibility - using a consistent, evidence-based approach.
  • Professionalism - maintaining dedication to excellence in management and delivery.
  • Efficiency - breaking down organizational silos and reducing overlap.