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Outreach and Education

Opportunities for Education

Increased awareness among the general population of the threats of invasive species will, over time, lead to better environmental decision and inspired actions to help stop the introduction and spread of invasive species. 

The Invasive Species Centre is well positioned to play a key role in disseminating information to a diverse range of stakeholders who have a role in combating invasive species – academia, practitioners, community and volunteer groups, not-for- profit and conservation organizations, industry and industry associations, educators and youth. 

The Invasive Species Centre also helps to fund projects to inform, educate and disseminate information to the general public and to practitioners using a diverse combination of tools including signage, printed materials, videos, social media and multi-media. These efforts helped to ensure that the outcomes of research are shared, that information is put in the hands of decision makers, practitioners and the public, and that collective investments and work are translated into new policies, regulations, messaging and practical on-the-ground tools. 

The Invasive Species Centre is also concerned with ensuring that resources are available for teachers to help them educate and inspire our Canadian youth about the topic of invasive species. Educators can be instrumental in providing young minds with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed choices and environmentally sound decisions. Formal and informal teaching environments are a critical avenue for exposing students to the issues surrounding invasive species and in order to be effective, teachers need to have access to an array of resources to include instruction about invasive species within various curriculum requirements and learning styles.

Teaching About Invasive Species 

Invasive Species Post-Secondary Programs and Careers